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Nabil Fekir says Liverpool made excuses over failed move in 2018 | დესა

Nabil Fekir says Liverpool made excuses over failed move in 2018

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Nabil Fekir says that he remains confused with Liverpool regarding the reasons supporting his failed move to the club against Lyon last year.
The 26-year-old appeared set to join Liverpool for #53m at 2018 ended.
It was reported Fekir and the Premier League club had undergone a medical and agreed personal terms, just to fall for the deal.
Reports afterwards suggested Liverpool had finished their pursuit of the France due to concerns over a knee problem.
Fekir insists he didn’t neglect a health evaluation with Liverpool and believes the move fell through because of other reasons, unknown .
The midfielder told L’Equipe:”There was an incredible amount of lies told about it. Everything that’s been said in my family particularly. It disturbs them, as it hurt me.
“You want the truth? Even I don’t know it, I assure you. I did my own medical evaluation and, behind, they chose to not signal me.
“At one point, they desired me to think it had been the knee. Nevertheless, it was a justification and medical tests passed Clairefontaine were quite apparent.
“What irritated me was by trying to progress this pseudo-physical problem, it ruled out opportunities with different clubs which were potentially interested, while there are other players that have experienced the exact same injury and it did not stop them from coming back to a standard trajectory.
“I have no bitterness towards Liverpool. They showed me that they really wanted me. But behind, when you do not surround yourself with good people, it hurts you.”
Fekir procured a movement from Lyon, where he had been their club captain, this summer to join Real Betis to a four-year-deal for a first #17.75m fee.
The former agent Jean-Pierre Bernes has resisted the newest remarks on his Liverpool move of the midfielder, saying his knee injury of fekir proved to be a reason negotiations broke down.
He also advised L’Equipe:”He has to stop this series and stop accepting people for fools. Everybody knows what happened.
“The transfer to Liverpool has turned out for 2 reasons. The first is his kneeeven though the leaders of the club were willing to make an effort.
“The next is the overall look of a foreign pseudo-representative who requested for the negotiations to be resumed at the beginning at the moment of signing.

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