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Oscars 2019: Best Actor Winner Predictions | დესა

Oscars 2019: Best Actor Winner Predictions

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ნოემბერი 26, 2019
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ნოემბერი 26, 2019

The 2019 Oscar nominations are announced, so it is time to take a look at who has the best chance of winning Best Actress. Another awards season is winding down to a close, and cinephiles are attempting to forecast how the Academy Awards will shake out. More so than recently, this season was very inconsistent and threw numerous curveballs at moviegoers as they looked to maintain the names in contention. For a long stretch, several of the significant races were up in the air, without a clear frontrunner emerging.
Things have changed now that the majority of the Oscar precursors have weighed in. From the build-up into the Oscars, the various industry guilds hand out their awards, including the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Their wins usually have much overlap with the Academy, so now the picture has become clearer. Here are our predictions for Best Actor, standing the five nominees in order of most likely to least likely to take home the gold.

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