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Pep Guardiola says Manchester City have not made the Etihad a fortress yet | დესა

Pep Guardiola says Manchester City have not made the Etihad a fortress yet

Pep Guardiola says Manchester City have not made the Etihad a fortress yet
ნოემბერი 26, 2019
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ნოემბერი 26, 2019

Pep Guardiola doesnt believe a fortress style environment has been created by Manchester City regardless of their Premier League record at the Etihad Stadium there.
The winners have won 39 of the last 44 Premier League matches in the home – a record they will hope to improve when they sponsor Wolves on Sunday.
Although, Guardiola does not believe groups are intimidated asserts and from the statistic his side results are down to their hard work.
If asked if City have made the Etihad into a fortress, Guardiola replied:My sense is no.
I cannot envision when teams prior to the match are not thinkingwe could do it.
I understand the supervisors and how competitive all of them are, how theyll try to seduce the players and saywe could do it. Theyll be thinkingwe can go and do a match.
Sometimes we dont win but when we do its because we do some thing good.
Weve got to attempt it against a team we know very well. Weve played many occasions against Nuno Espirito Santos team at the Carabao Cup and league and other stuff.
Guardiola believes that has underpinned their title successes of the past two seasons and is pleased with his sides house record.
He explained:In certain moments you need luck to win matches, to earn a great deal of points, win names.
But we have attempt and very fantastic things, so Im proud of the effort and the way we have achieved it.
Our first season [in City] was not consistent. We had problems. I didnt anticipate it when I obtained here. I believed we would be off hard and powerful but it was the opposite from the season.
But as then, the second season and next season and this year too, we have been strong at home. To attempt and win games you have to be strong in your home or you dont have any opportunity.
Fernandinho has been set to keep along with Nicolas Otamendi in secret defence for City, with Aymeric Laporte and John Stones still out injured.
Itll be that the 34-year-old Brazil midfielder game in over a week, however Guardiola is confident he can handle it.
He said:He didnt have several minutes in his legs before these three games. Over 11 weeks – he has played except that the last portion of last year – in the previous seasons. So I think he can take action.

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