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Ruiz Jr vs Joshua II: Anthony Joshua says ‘stopping isn’t in my DNA’ as he faces off with Andy Ruiz Jr in New York | დესა

Ruiz Jr vs Joshua II: Anthony Joshua says ‘stopping isn’t in my DNA’ as he faces off with Andy Ruiz Jr in New York

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Anthony Joshua cautioned”I have a second opportunity” because he went to face with Andy Ruiz Jr in a press conference in New York.
Where Ruiz Jr shocked Joshua earlier this year, before their rematch on December 7 in Saudi Arabia, live on Sky Sports Box Office the rivals fulfilled from town.
IBF, WBA and WBO title-holder Ruiz Jr, wearing a sombrero, only broke from an intense face-off when he discovered calls of”let’s go champ” from the onlooking Shannon Briggs, the former heavyweight champion from New York.
Joshua earlier said:”In my short 11-year career, by the amateurs to the experts, I have seen a great deal. I wouldn’t say I’ve seen all of it, but I have definitely seen a great deal.
“There were times when I confronted beat as an amateur. My struggle. Envision I stopped there could be. I lost in the European Championship quarter-finals. Imagine I stopped then, there would be.
“I lost in the World Championship finals. Imagine I stopped then, there will be. Stopping is not in my DNA. I will keep fighting and fighting for the enthusiasm of boxing. That is the place I belong.
“I was born with a battling spirit. I know how to fight.
“People say,’you lost your names’. I say,’to get rid of something is not to get it back’.
“I have another opportunity on December 7. I didn’t have a warm-up struggle, I am not gun-shy.
“Shannon Briggs talks about the days he had been out and down, and nobody believed in him.
“That’s where’let’s move champ’ comes into my life right now.”
Joshua then called on Briggs to yell his catchphrase and then he responded with a loud:”Let’s go champ!”
Ruiz Jr said about New York:”This is where I became the primary Mexican heavyweight champion of the world.
“However, I know Joshua desires his belts back. I know how it feels to lose I lost to Joseph Parker once I thought I had won. Joshua can bounce straight back . My occupation isn’t to let him get the belts back.
“I have had doubters my whole lifetime, telling me I would do nothing for my look. Just because of the way I looked.
“Individuals are now able to say,’if he did it, I could get it done’.”
Promoter Eddie Hearn added:”This is a beautiful, savage sport and each fighter deserves admiration but both of these are great role models and excellent ambassadors. This may be the heavyweight occasion of our generation.”
Joshua and Ruiz Jr fulfilled in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday about the first leg of a three-day media tour. They reconvene at London on Friday.

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