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The Flames Have Lost 26 Straight Games in Anaheim | დესა

The Flames Have Lost 26 Straight Games in Anaheim

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Three things of note occurred in 2006 in the sports world. Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points on the Raptors, Barry Bonds passed Babe Ruth about the all time home run list along with the Calgary Flames earned their final win against the Ducks in Anaheim.
I’m obviously being a little facetious there on the last point but with the Flames’ 4-1 loss to the Ducks at the Honda Center back in November pushing their losing streak in Anaheim to 26 matches, it’s one worth talking about.
If you’ve been driving this stroke of good luck for the Ducks and wager on Anaheim in all 26 of those matches, congratulations — you are $1600 richer.To enter context exactly how bad this streak is, consider that the Flames have had six different head coaches and played with 897 regular-season games since they last won a match in the O.C.. After the Flames got their last gruesome in Anaheim, the Ducks flew their flag beneath the colours of turquoise and purple and had the namesake of a particularly quacky’90s film. So Calgary, perhaps you must channel the energy out of this Gordon Bombay-coached Mighty Ducks staff and keep swingin’ — perhaps you’ll give them a cold.
What exactly does all this mean for bettors? That’s somewhat unclear. Both groups take part with a tight, tight four-way race for the Pacific Division crown and are both excelling down the stretch. Their meeting Saturday is a possible preview of a first-round playoff series and using a great deal on the line, expect the Flames and Ducks to leave everything on the desk.
Click here for preview and the match matchup.
Anaheim, however, will be about the next half of a back-to-back and enjoying their third game in four days. The Ducks have not been especially good in this specific situation, going 1-7 straight up in their past eight matches on the next half of a back-to-back and were really beaten from the Flames 8-3 in the Saddledome back in December a day after playing the Oilers — the exact same team they’ll be enjoying the day before their matchup with Calgary.
This 8-3 win which the Flames earned against the Ducks earlier this year ended a long streak of futility for Calgary in its series with Anaheim and stopped an eight-game losing string. The Ducks have also cashed the puckline eight times in their last 10 matchups with the Flames, including four times in a row as the home preferred.
The Flames are the gambling underdog in this one given their history against the Ducks, but don’t be a square. Examine the matchup on Sunday, see who’s playing in net for both teams and check the injury reports. This time of year may be sketchy for bettors with trainers attempting to present their celebrities some rest going to the playoffs and you don’t want to wind up on the incorrect end of an AHL goalie call-up.
I can not tell you who to bet on in this one but if you know of some curse against the Flames that I’m not aware of, by all means, feel free to let me know so I could cash in also.
Here’s a glance in their past 10 matchups:

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