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Usyk vs Witherspoon: Oleksandr Usyk stops Chazz Witherspoon to win heavyweight debut | დესა

Usyk vs Witherspoon: Oleksandr Usyk stops Chazz Witherspoon to win heavyweight debut

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Oleksandr Usyk was vicious in his very first fight forcing Chazz Witherspoon to retire after the round.
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The fast hands and feet of the colorful Usyk turned into a nightmare for the Witherspoon in Chicago, before his opponent could not continue and then he landed punches.
The success was a textbook debut from the division for Usyk, that last season became the undisputed cruiserweight champion by winning the World Boxing Super Series. He immediately signalled his intention to eventually become the boxer to add a world title to cruiserweight gold.
Usyk was nearly two and a half stone lighter than his opponent, and it showed, but additionally, it gave his speed since he glided in and out of scope.
His hand from the southpaw stance started to slide through Witherspoons protector after a few rounds of finding his timing.
Witherspoon, a 38-year-old who arrived at a couple of days notice to substitute Tyrone Spong, strove to thunder counter punches and although he did occasionally grab Usyk, he might never discourage him.
The motion of usyk began to drown Witherspoon who couldnt maintain. The Ukrainian managed to land shots at will in the sixth round. The referee considered stopping the struggle here, but didnt behave.
From the Usyk searched for the knockout, landing a barrage of shots. Witherspoon couldnt get up, and also remained upright but wilted back to his stool.
Usyk retains his position as the mandatory challenger into the WBO heavyweight title that Andy Ruiz Jr will defend against Anthony Joshua on December 7, now live on Sky Sports Box Office. Next year, usyk expects to dispute the winner.

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