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Which NFL Quarterback Will Throw the Most Interceptions this Season? | დესა

Which NFL Quarterback Will Throw the Most Interceptions this Season?

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With the NFL preseason underway along with the regular season right around the corner, you may be starting to sift to learn whether or not theres a sleeper who can win you your league in December. Be cautious on your choice in the quarterback position as a pick will lead to seemingly endless numbers of -2s from interceptions and, clearly, it is possible to bet on who you think will lead the charge within this category.
Online sportsbook BetOnline includes Jameis Winston as the favorite to throw the many interceptions this season at +750, followed by Ben Roethlisberger in +800, Kyler Murray in +1000, Sam Darnold in +1100, Josh Allen at +1200, Philip Rivers and Cam Newton in +1400 along with Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen along with Dwayne Haskins at +1600 to round out the top 10 quarterbacks on this list.
Big Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers in +800 is my favourite choice to throw the interceptions. He won the dishonor of hurling the selections at 16, one more than runners-up??Andrew Luck, Case Keenum and Sam Darnold. Furthermore, Big Ben racked pass attempts, which ranked first among all quarterbacks, 36 more than Luck up.
Roethlisberger will be playing without star wide receiver Antonio Brown, who left to play for Oakland and is now 37 years old, and running back LeVeon Bell, although he sat out last year . I think the Steelers are likely to have a down year, that can lead throwing passes, which will inevitably lead to more interceptions.
Not entirely positive because it is possible to find this quarterback eighth at +1600, but over the oddsboard, if you can call this kind of sleeper of a choice I enjoy Josh Rosen to throw the interceptions. In 2018, the rookie didnt grow to be the starter until Week 4, projecting a total of 14 interceptions and starting 13 games. He also failed so while??throwing 282 fewer moves.
Rosen now goes to Miami, which does not have a whole lot of talent around him and will once more be trailing many games, forcing him to air out the ball, resulting in more issues. For creating this drama, the major question mark is whether he will be the starter over Ryan Fitzpatrick. If its indeed Fitzpatrick beneath center, then perhaps a sprinkle on him in +2500 might be your bet.
Heres a look at the list of odds for who will throw the most interceptions from the 2019-20 year:
Odds at August 6

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